Revelan Los Secretos De Angelina Jolie Para Mantener Bellas Sus Piernas


Enigmatic, seductive, Duea of a body 10 and a beautiful face, Angelina Jolie also love the Knights for their unique, shapely, long and slender legs. site revealed the secrets of actress so attractive to keep extremities, although he mentions the word diva seems to have bad habits in their youth that are on the verge of retreat into a clinic for rehabilitation.

Winner of an Oscar and three Golden Globes, the actress and model tones and strengthens your thighs and your calves by keying in the gym, often walking up and down stairs and swimming. Angelina prevents sagging and cellulite by eating foods low in salt and fat. The legs of this philanthropist and ambassador of goodwill for the United Nations for refugees, smooth and fresh look because the actress body scrub is applied to the skin wet and practiced massage in an upward motion from the ankles up, pressing intensive the area of the knees. To model the legs, Vedette recommended you supplement these methods with the use of garments such as those offered in your store.

Additionally, Angelina moisturize every day your thighs and calves with moisturizers, and obviously, try to shave one day before use short dresses or bikinis to allow the pores are swelling. To ensure good circulation, especially on hot days, Angelina baa his legs with cold water and apply cold effect gels containing menthol as fresh produce. Jolie uses oils, suntan lotions or creams golden sun protection and give the skin a golden hue. The beautiful Angelina uses, in addition, cmod shoes, avoiding high heels and fine points.

However, all that beauty seems to be lost, if confirmed the news magazine’s Star Magazine, according to which the diva has returned to the heroine, alcohol and sleeping pills, reason why Lately it has been very tired and very thin. According to the medium, with the support of her husband Brad Pitt, Angelina is looking for a rehabilitation center to undergo treatment and then withdraw from the world of the show to pursue her six children.

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